USATuff Partner Benefits

USATuff Featured Artist Partnership  & Dealer Opportunities

USATuff actively seeks to create partnerships with Dealers who are interested in reselling the USATuff product line as well as with talented and unique Featured Artists who are interested in creating exclusive designs for our Featured Artist Collections.

For our DEALERS, USATuff offers access to our extensive line of cooler wrap products available in over 200 designs on more than 25 brands of coolers.  USATuff is committed to developing partnerships with US-based, small and large businesses, to foster mutually-beneficial growth and increase in product awareness and sales for all involved. We believe in the 'old school' way of doing business with integrity, honesty, and hard-work! 

For our FEATURED ARTISTS, USATuff offers the development of a turnkey cooler graphics wrap product line.  We focus on the best interests of the featured artist as well as USATuff to create a mutually beneficial partnership.  In addition to cooler wrap kits, we offer branded decal stickers and 3M marine/car vinyl products. 

Available Products/Services

#1 - Cooler Graphics Wrap Kits / 23 Mil Virtually Indestructible Material – Turnkey Product Line – Royalty/Affiliate/Dealer Pricing
USATuff transforms your designs/logos/concepts into a line of branded cooler graphics products.   The process is simple and you will be guided through each step.  We utilize artwork that you provide to create potential concepts for your review.  Once approved, we will transition the designs into the actual USATuff manufactured cooler product line.  Once completed, the final designs will be available for application on over 25 brands of coolers.   

Step #1 - Artist Provides Concept Art

Step #2 - USATuff Creates Design Concept Proof

Step #3 - Transition To Cooler Wrap Product

(Additional Sample Featured Artist Designs)



#2 - Weatherproof Vinyl Stickers / 3.2 Mil – Dealer Pricing
USATuff manufactures premium, full color, digitally printed, die-cut, weatherproof, vinyl stickers. Transfer your designs into individual decals for resale.  Contact us for additional information and pricing.  


#3 - Marine/Car 3M Vinyl – Full Retail Ready Packaging – Dealer Pricing
USATuff manufactures premium 3M Marine/Car Vinyl products. Retail packaging and branding available.  Contact us for additional information and pricing. 


#4 - Featured Artist Marketing Packaging (Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Newsletter)
USATuff offers marketing and promotion for Preferred Partner projects.  We place announments on the following platforms: USATuff Facebook, USATuff Instagram, USATuff Twitter, USATuff Pinterest, USATuff ETSY, USATuff Website Feature & USATuff Newsletter.

#5 - Art Licensing/Royalty
Under USATuff Art Licensing, we pair with artists that have unique designs that would be of interest to our customer base. Our goal is to build mutually beneficial relationships to increase exposure for the featured artist as well as the USATuff brand. A unique aspect of the USATuff platform is that we do not focus 'only' on the YETI/RTIC niche.  Representing over 25 cooler brands, our intention is to offer graphics kits for as many models as we are able to support. This means that our product is attractive to the hunting/fishing community as well as businessmen & women, corporate & small business, students, families, service men & woman and more. 

The typical licensing process begins with the selection of 3-5 designs for the initial featured collection buildout.  After the line is established, we will add additional designs as demand supports.  As a member of the Preferred Partner Program, USATuff will cover the initial costs for you to develop the product line, manufacture and dropship to the end customer.  USATuff pays 8% royalties on all licensed products. We pay on a quarterly calendar and provide a list of all sales with each payout.


#6 - Affiliate Program
USATuff offers a 'ready-to-go' turn-key affiliate program. You may sign up immediately to begin selling our existing products. With the USATuff Affiliate Program, you simply refer customers directly to our website through a trackable link, or banner, to purchase directly from USATuff. The entire process is managed through the Affiliatly System ( ) which features a robust user login interface to track the progress of your account including revenue and scheduled payouts. There is no cost to join, and with our AFFILIATE program, each sale you refer will earn you a starting commission of 3% with an increase to 10% commission for established members. Please visit our website for additional information or contact Laura at  


#7 - Preferred Partners – Drop Ship Sales Benefits Earn 15% of All Sales
The USATuff Drop Ship Services option is an ideal fit as you test out the profitability of selling our product directly to your customers. USATuff handles all aspects of the process after the initial point of sale up to the final shipment of your order including production, packaging and drop shipment to your end customer. USATuff will provide an image(s) and copy for your website. Once an order is placed and paid on your website, you will then simply enter the order into the backend of our website with your 15% Dealer Discount Code. From there we will process and drop ship directly to your customer.


#8 - Preferred Partners – Dealer Pricing Benefits
As a USATuff Preferred Partner, you will have access to our Dealer Pricing. Pricing is based on QTY ordered. Price breaks are as follows:

5-10 Kits - 15% Discount
11-19 Kits - 25% Discount
20-49 Kits - 35% Discount
*Lid Kits must be ordered in 2-3 qty per design. Lid & Insert and Full Kits may be ordered one per design. Shipping based on weight and location of shipment.

Please contact us directly if you would like more information on any of the services we offer.  You may email Laura directly at or call at 702-465-5529.