How To Customize Your YETI

October 18, 2023

YETI coolers have become a household name, synonymous with durability, style, and top-tier cooling capabilities. But as fantastic as these coolers are, there's something truly special about adding a personal touch. If you're interested in making your YETI distinctly yours, read on to discover how you can customize it to perfection!

Before and after image of a YETI cooler with USATuff wrap transformation.

1. Vinyl Cooler Wraps: Art Meets Durability

Transform your cooler into a piece of art without sacrificing durability. Vinyl wraps aren't just visually appealing – they protect your YETI from scuffs and scratches. Dive into a curated collection of designs or create a custom one that speaks to your style. 

2. Cooler Pad Tops: Function Meets Aesthetics

Beyond beautification, it's about adding functionality to your cooler. With marine-grade EVA cooler pad tops, your YETI gets a boost in aesthetics and offers a more comfortable sitting place.


Collage showcasing a variety of USATuff cooler wraps and SeaDek cooler pads on YETI coolers.


3. Personalization: Names, Logos, and More

Whether it's for a company outing, a family reunion, or just for fun, adding a name or logo to your cooler can make it stand out. This way, not only do you always know which cooler is yours, but it also becomes a conversation starter!

4. Installation: Easier Than You Think

Worried about the installation process? Most customizations, especially vinyl wraps, are designed for easy application. They come pre-cut and are made to fit your YETI model perfectly. View a video on how to install here.

5. Maintenance: Keeping Your Custom YETI Fresh

Customizing your YETI is one thing, but maintaining its pristine look is another. Regularly clean the surfaces and handle your cooler with care to ensure your designs last and continue to shine brightly.

Customizing your YETI is an exciting journey of expressing yourself while enhancing the cooler's functionality. It’s about blending personal aesthetics with the ruggedness YETI is renowned for. So why wait? Begin your customization journey today with USATuff and make every adventure truly unique!

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