F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

F.A.Q  - Frequently Asked Questions
We have created this list of our most commonly asked questions.  Do not hesitate to reach out directly if you need more assistance.  Reach your personal support guru at Laura@usatuff.com.

Who is USATuff?
USATuff is a veteran-owned, family-operated business.  We are 100% Made in the USA!  You can learn more about our family and team on our Meet the Company page.   

How durable are your graphics?
The USATuff Cooler Wrap kit is the toughest, thickest and most durable on the market.  You will not find a better-quality wrap kit for your cooler.   Our product is the only cooler wrap kit that is manufactured with a proprietary adhesive that is designed specifically to adhere to roto-molded and injected mold plastic coolers.  Our cooler wrap kits will ‘stay stuck’ and when installed and cared for properly, they will last for years.  Learn more about our product on our About Us page.  

Are they waterproof?
YES!  Our product was originally used in the off-road racing industry.  We manufactured kits for Jet Skis and Snowmobiles among many other off-road vehicles before launching the USATuff cooler wrap kit product line.  

How hard is it to install?  Do I need to pay someone to do it?

We have designed our product for the end user to easily install.  At the time of answering this question, we have been selling this product for over 4 years and we have never had an issue with a customer who was unable to install the product.   You can visit our Install Page where you can access printed instructions and also watch a 15-min YouTube video that will walk you through the entire install process. Take your time and follow the instructions and you’ll have a great outcome.

How much do your kits cost?
Our kits vary in pricing based on the Make/Model of your cooler and the type of coverage you select.  We offer kits ranging from a Lid Kit all the way to a Full Kit.  Cooler wraps start as low as $24.95 and go up to $100.00 for stock designs plus shipping.  Cooler Pads range in price from $49.97 to $164.97 for stock designs plus shipping.

How much is shipping?  Why isn't shipping free?
One of the biggest challenges we face as a family owned and operated business is competing with large corporate companies like Amazon and Walmart.  Larger companies often offer FREE shipping by either hiding the cost of shipping in the product price or moving so much volume of product that they are able to contract with some crazy-low shipping rates.  (Yes, crazy-low is a real term here.)  :-)  Here at USATuff we do not hide our shipping costs in the pricing and we only charge what it costs us to ship the item to you.  Our wrap kits and pads are made with premium material.  Most kits weight just under 2 lbs but many of them can weigh up to 5+ pounds.  We keep our shipping prices as low as we are able.  Thank you for your understanding when we are not able to offer free shipping. 

What are USATuff-Deck Cooler Pads?
- Made with Genuine SeaDek Material
- UV/Weather/Stain Protected EVA Marine Grade Foam Padding
- 3M Hi-Bond Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
- Weather & Mildew Resistant
- Easy to Install!
- Creates Comfortable Place To Sit On Your Cooler
The TUFF-DECK pads are manufactured using marine-grade, closed-cell non-absorbent EVA foam.  The product is durable and long-lasting. Our pads install easily with the pressure sensitive adhesive backing. Available in many color options.

Do you do custom wrap kits? 
Yes, we do custom projects on a daily basis.  We create special and unique gifts for individuals.  We create promotional coolers for business and corporations of all sizes.  And we even create  5,000+ runs of private label, retail-ready product.  You can learn more about our Custom Services here.  Or, click on one of these links to learn more about:

- Creating a Custom Cooler As A Gift
- Creating a Custom Cooler to Help Raise Funds
- Creating a Custom Cooler to Promote Your Business

Does the kit cover the entire cooler?
We offer several coverage options including our Full Kit which has between 90-95% covearge.  Because our product is so thick, we are not able to do a complete ‘wrap’ as they do in the vehicle wrap industry.  The product must be cut into pieces to apply in kit format.  Our kits provide the best coverage in the market for thick and durable kits.  The color of your cooler will show through in the areas where the piece pair together.  If you’d like to see the exact coverage, you can view images by Brand Coverage here.  
Will your kits fit on my cooler?
We carry kits for over 20 of the most popular brands of coolers.   To view all of our available makes/models, please visit our Availability Page

Can I choose from more than one design to create a custom kit?
Yes, you can.  This would be considered a custom order.  Please contact us directly by email at usatuffsales@gmail.com or submit your request through our Custom Design Form and we will be happy to set up your quote.  

What if I only want part of the kit?
We offer 5 coverage options to meet almost any request.  This includes a Lid Only, Lower Inserts Only, Lid & Insert, Lower Full Kit and Full Kit.  If you have questions, feel free to contact us directly for more information.  If you require a special piece that is not covered under our normal coverage offerings, we can take care of this under our Custom services. 

What designs do you offer?
We offer over 150 stock designs to choose from.  You can view all of our Galleries here.  Take your time to browse and if you do not see something you like, we can create a custom design just for you!

How long does it take to get my kit?

For stock designs, the standard turn is 3-5 business days plus shipping time to your location.  During the holidays or peak seasons, turn time can run 5-7 business days.  Large orders may take longer.  If you need rush, please contact us directly to go over options.

What if you don’t have a kit for my model of cooler?

If we do not yet carry a kit for the model of your cooler, please reach out and we can add you to our waitlist.  As soon as we get access to commonly requested coolers, we will set up templates and offer them as part of our product line.

Do you do corporate work and designs?
YES!  We work on business and corporate projects every day.   You can learn more about our Custom Design services including corporate projects here.   You can view some of our Corporate Reviews here. | 

Do you have a warranty on your product?
USATuff stands behind the product we sell.  “Knock on Wood” …we have never had an issue with someone receiving our product with any manufacturing issues.  Our premium wrap kits are the toughest, thickest and most durable on the market.  They are virtually indestructible under normal use and our adhesive is extremely aggressive.  If you install according to the provided instructions, you should have no issues with it sticking.   If you receive a product that you feel is defective, please reach out to use within 15 days of receiving it so that we can address any concerns immediately for you. 

SPECIAL NOTE for areas with intense sun exposure:  The durability of our comes partly from a 3-layer vinyl process that we use to create it.  The top layer is PVC based which can react, over time, to extended periods of exposure to direct sunlight.   This is only an issue when the sun exposure is excessive and extended.  Unfortunately, there is no way around this and is the nature of PVC based vinyl.  (Very similar to bumper stickers that fade after a year on your car.)  This issue is usually only reported from customers who leave their coolers in the back of their truck or boat year-round.  It takes about a year for the darkening to start to occur.  If you find this happens, you can simply replace the top lid piece which is usually the only piece affected.   Excessive sun exposure damage is not covered under warranty.    

Do you have an affiliate program?
YES, we’d love to partner with you to help you earn money along the way.  Learn more about our Affiliate Program here.  

Do you have dealer pricing?
Yes, please contact Laura@usatuff.com for more information about Dealer Pricing.

How long will my wrap kit last?
We personally have coolers with USATuff kits that have been installed for over 4 years and still look brand new!  If you install and care for your kit properly, it will last you for years. 

Can I remove the wrap if I want to change designs at a future date? 
The USATuff wrap kit is manufactured with a very aggressive adhesive to ensure they adhere well to the cooler.   With that said, if you do want to remove at a future date, you can do so.  It will take a little muscle to pull up the wrap but because the vinyl is very thick, it should come up easily in one piece.  Some adhesive or residue may be left behind on the cooler after the wrap is removed.  If this happens, we recommend using a lacquer thinner or isopropyl alcohol to clean up any leftover adhesive.  The wrap adhesive will not damage the cooler.  

Can I return my kit if I don’t like it?
Please note that we are a small family business and all kits are made to order specifically for you.  We are not a large corporate like Walmart or Amazon, so it is difficult for us to absorb the costs on returned items if you have simply changed your mind.  We will 100% stand behind our product and should you receive something that is defective we will replace it, of course.  But we do ask that you make sure you’d like to order before processing your payment.  With that said, customer satisfaction is a huge priority for us so in the cases of designs and models that are in higher demand, we can take returns with a restock fee to help us cover the cost of repackaging and posting on our online eBay stores.  Read more about our Return Policy here. 

Why Choose USATuff? 
Because we offer the best quality cooler wrap kits available on the market toda!.   USATuff was the first company to launch cooler wraps in early 2015.  We specialize and focus ONLY on custom coolers which gives us extensive knowledge and experience in the manufacturing off premium grade cooler wraps and pads.  The USATuff product is the only wrap kit made specifically to adhere to injected-molded and roto-molded coolers.  It is designed to hold up to extreme outdoor conditions and use.  Other cooler wrap companies use a car-vinyl material which is not a good fit for coolers.  While the competitor’s product may look good at first, it will not hold up as month pass.  The USATuff cooler wrap is the toughest, thickest and most durable and is made to last!  Additionally, we cover more brands of coolers, have more designs and offer more coverage options that our competitors.