Creating a Custom Cooler As A Gift

Finding the perfect gift for someone is not an easy task, especially for someone who seems to have it all. Every person is unique so we've found that you can never go wrong with something that is personalized.  And there is no better gift than a functional one and since pretty much everyone has a use for a cooler, creating a Customized Cooler couldn’t be a more perfect fit!

First, let’s decide what is the best size cooler for that special someone, or perhaps they already have a cooler and you just want to spruce it up with a custom wrap.

If the person already has a cooler that you would like to customize for them, perfect!  Just find out the Make and Model of that cooler to confirm we have wraps ready to go. You can view the list of available kits here

If they do not have a cooler, we have created an informative guide comparing the best coolers on the market today. You can view that hereThink about what size cooler will best fit the needs of the person you are gifting. We offer completely wrapped coolers here at USATuff or you can purchase a cooler of your choice from another vendor and order the wrap from USATuff.  They are easy to install so you can do it without a problem on your end.


The next step is picking out and creating the perfect design. A good place to start is recognizing the person's favorite hobbies and interests such as what do they do for fun, what teams do they like, do they love their car, do they love their pets, and so on....!  After you have your idea in place, it is as easy as finding your images.

Once you have picked out a theme for your custom cooler, it is time to gather your design assets.  We highly recommend peeking around the USATuff cooler wrap collections as it may give you some ideas for backgrounds to use or layout ideas.  You can view our gallery here. Also, there are many websites that offer free high quality images that we can use for your design.

We have also created an easy to follow guide using Google Images to gather high quality images. Finding high quality images

Once you have gathered up your ideas and images that you would like to use you can submit your ideas directly to us at USATuff using our easy to follow form. Submit your ideas here

From there, we will review and get back to you with a quote usually within 24 hours!  Need more guidance, just ask. We are always here to help!