Finding High Resolution Images

Tips to Finding High-Resolution Images

To produce the best possible custom kit for you, we will need high-resolution images.  To obtain high-resolution images from a Google search, follow these instructions.  (See the supporting image highlighted in yellow below steps.)

Step 1 – Open a Google search window.
Step 2 – Type in your search term.
Step 3 – Click on ‘Images” in the menu on top of the page.  (This will bring up ‘images’ only that match your search)
Step 4 – Click on ‘Tools’ in the far right of that same menu. (This will prompt a sub-menu to show up.)
Step 5 – Click on ‘Size’ in the sub-menu.  (This will prompt a drop-down menu with size options.)
Step 6 – Click on ‘Large’ (This will result in only ‘Large File’ images showing up on your screen.)
Step 7 – For any images you’d like to submit for your design, right click on the image and ‘Save As’ to your computer. 
Step 8 – If possible, name the images with the locations where you’d like them to be placed. (For example, Top, Front, Back, Sides, etc.. 

Once you have acquired your images, be sure that they are not licensed or trademarked before you submit.  You may use the form on our website to submit all of the details, instructions, and images for your custom design.  CLICK HERE to link back to form.