Creating a Custom Cooler To Promote Your Business

Custom coolers are ideal for promoting business both large and small. They can help your business stand out at tradeshow and events and they are the perfect gift to reward an employee for a job well done. Custom coolers also make a perfect corporate gift for leaders of your top accounts and are a great way to express how much you appreciate and value their partnership.

If you have not already secured the cooler(s) you will be using for your promo coolers, the first step will be to select the cooler that will best fit your needs. Do you need a small cooler to use as a giveaway at your next tradeshow booth or are you looking for a larger cooler that you can use continually at multiple events? To help you decide, we have created an informative guide comparing the best coolers on the market today. You can view that here.

Once you have selected your cooler, you can move to the next step of creating your promotional design. In some cases, you may want a subtle design while in others you may want something that is very bold to help your brand to make a statement. Whatever the case may be, gather your logos, backgrounds and any other design elements that you’d like included and have them ready to submit for your design creation. If you are using your company branding, make sure to gather high-resolution or the highest quality images you have and prepare to send.

If you are looking for additional images and ideas there are many websites that offer free high-quality images that we can use for your design.

We have also created an easy to follow guide using Google Images to gather high quality images. Finding high quality images

Once you have gathered the images you would like to use you can submit your ideas directly to us at USATuff. Submit your ideas here

We will begin immediately creating a unique template for your cooler. Most quotes are sent back within 24 hours!