Laura Hallenberger - USATuff CEO Media Bio

Laura Hallenberger is known as the go-to expert in the world of premium cooler customization and promotional cooler accessories. Laura is founder and owner of USATuff™, a lifestyle company focused on building connections, making last impressions and creating unique gifts and promotional products.

Starting with the simple idea of personalizing a household cooler, Laura transformed the concept into a successful premium cooler wrap business. Her mission to help her customers build relationships and create memories with her quality products and unique services.

Laura has a B.A. in Educational Studies from the University of Oregon and has applied her wealth of knowledge and 25+ years of collective experience in sales, marketing, and business, to build the USATuff™ brand.

Laura has drawn from her strong family values and focus on building connections to set a foundation for USATuff.™ This family owned and operated, small business takes pride in being 100% Made in USA and believing strongly in living the American Dream.