SeaDek Cooler Pad Installation Guide


Rolling with packing paper helps to prevent damage to your order during the transit process. Also the strong rectangular boxes we use provide structure to prevent crushing and pinching that can occur when packing flat.

Rolling your SeaDek pad will not affect the final look or functionality of your pad. Please do not be concerned if you see any creases or folds when you remove your SeaDek item from the box. The creases you see are from the paper backing only and once your SeaDek pad is installed, all creases and folds will disappear.


USATuff SeaDek Product Installation Instructions
(The same instructions apply if you have ordered a ruler, traction pad or other SeaDek product.)

Recommended Installation Tools:
Lacquer Thinner (or Isopropyl Alcohol)
Clean Cloth
Razor Knife
Masking Tape

BEFORE INSTALL - remove the SeaDek piece from the box and lay it on a flat surface. Then cover the piece with a heavy blanket or towels and give it some time to relax back to its natural state.

Installation Instructions

1. Soak clean cloth with lacquer thinner.
2. Clean cooler thoroughly with soaked cloth.
3. Position and center your pad on the cooler.
4. Secure your pad into place with masking tape on ONE end.
5. Make sure one side is taped down securely before proceeding.
6. Peel back about 4" of paper backing from one end as shown.
7. Use razor knife to cut away some of the paper backing. (about 3")
8. Take exposed area and press down into place on one end of the cooler.
9. Remove the rest of the backing and hold pad out firmly.
10. Work from the secure end of the cooler with a sweeping motion to lay down the rest of the cooler pad into place.
11. Press VERY firmly to set the entire pad into place. Press, Press, Press! FIRM PRESSURE!
Thank You! USATuff Staff

We can't wait to see your cooler transformation! Once you've installed your pad, please snap a photo and share it with us. Text your picture to 208-871-2826 or email it to We'd love to showcase your masterpiece on our social media!