USATuff SeaDek Do-It-Yourself Project Estimate Resource Page

Welcome to the USATuff SeaDek Do-It-Yourself community! This page was created to provide helpful information regarding the DIY process including a review of the DIY steps and the in-stock colors and designs you can choose from for your project.

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Here is an overview of the Do-It-Yourself steps so you'll know what to expect. PLEASE SCROLL BELOW TO CHOOSE THE COLOR AND DESIGN FOR YOUR PROJECT.

Once your order is placed, we will prepare and ship out your paper-fit templates. This includes a cut out shape of each of the pieces that will be included in your SeaDek order.  You will use the paper fits pieces to confirm that the template we have on file is a match for your project. (Depending on how many jobs are in our queue, this process may take 5-7 business days plus shipping time to your location.)

Once you receive the paper fits in the mail, you will unpack and follow the provided instructions. This includes staging the paper fits into your boat and taking pictures to email back to the USATuff team for review. (It can take our team roughly 3-5 days to complete the review, depending on how many jobs are currently in queue.)

Once you and the USATuff team have confirmed the fit, USATuff will move directly to the design phase. Our team will lay in your chosen design (e.g., teak line, pipeline) into your project template and email it to you for approval. (The design process will take roughly 3-5 days, depending on how many projects are currently in queue.)

Once you approve the design, USATuff will fabricate and ship your SeaDek pieces to your location for do-it-yourself installation. (The final fabrication process will take roughly 5 days from your date of approval.)

All quotes include your choice of any of our stock colors and design patterns.  You may review the available colors below.  Each sheet is fabricated as shown below with a top layer color and a bottom layer color. The top layer is the main color of your decking. Your chosen design will be routed down to the bottom layer.  (Custom colors and patterns are available for additional cost. Scroll to the bottom of the page for more options.


USATuff Color Options for SeaDek Cooler Pads


USATuff Design Options for SeaDek Cooler Pads

If you are looking for a custom color or pattern, we can help! Custom colors and designs will add to the cost of your project but are a great fit if you have a specific layout in mind for your boat. Our team can provide information on your custom options and update your quote pricing. Contact your team representative for more details.

Your initial quote pricing assumes that the template we have on file matches your project.  It may be possible that your watercraft has a variation not represented in our template.  If, after receiving your paper fit templates, you find that the templates is not a match, our team will work with you to make the necessary modifications before proceeding to the next phase of your project. Please note that additional costs may apply depending on how much labor is involved in completing your adjustments. 

We strive to make your turn times as quick as possible. Please understand that unforeseen things can occur, such as team members being out or equipment downtime. We will be forthcoming if we anticipate any excessive delays, but we always strive to meet all deadlines.

Using preexisting templates is the perfect way to simplify and expedite the DIY process for our customers. USATuff has exclusive access to a large database of SeaDek templates to services our customers needs.  With that said, in some cases, the templates we are provided may have unexpected issues (i.e., corrupted files, inaccurate CAD drawing, inconsistent lines, etc...) If this happens during your DIY process, USATuff will take the time to ensure the template is corrected prior to sending your Paper Fits. Since this situation would be unforeseen and out of our control, it could unexpectedly increase the turn time for your project. We will communicate clearly in the rare instance that this occurs with your project. 

Reply to your quote email and our team will be happy to help!