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SeaDek Project Options


Your Boat Project Options
As you embark on a new SeaDek boat upgrade, there are some basic options to choose from.  Follow along as we highlight your basic choices.  We also offer custom design options.  Contact us for more information as needed. 

Texture Options
We offer two standard textured options as featured above.  The first is brushed which gives the appearance of fine directional lines.  This is the most commonly ordered texture and what you typically see in OEM application.   The second option is embossed which gives a sportier look.  

Patterns & Designs
We offer standard patterns as featured above which can be included into any project without any additional cost.  We also offer custom patterns and the addition of logos or other personalization to your project for additional set up fees.  Contact us for a quote today. 

Color Options
Most projects are completed with our 6 mm Dual Layer sheets. You can choose your top layer color and bottom layer color from the chart above. Common colors such as StormGray/Black and Mocha/Black are kept in stock for quick turns and are the most commonly ordered colors.  However, if you'd like to order custom colors, we are happy to set this up in your quote.  Custom colors do increase the time for project completion.  

SeaDek Thickness
Our dual-layer, 6mm is standard for most boats, most commonly ordered and is also the most cost-effective.  Upgrading to 8mm will present a noticeable difference in the comfort if you find that you are standing in your boat for long periods of time.  Below is  chart showing the thickness option.  The cost increases as the thickness increases.  Contact us for a quote today.