Vinyl Cooler Wrap Installation Guide

Please follow these instructions for an easy application of your USATuff graphics kit:

Install Tools:

- Squeegee             
- Clean Cloths         
- Isopropyl Alcohol/Lacquer Thinner
- Spray Bottle for Water  
- Hair Dryer    
- and…Elbow Grease & Patience…!

Install Instructions:

1. Before you install, ‚ÄėDry Fit‚Äô all pieces so you will know where they go and how they fit.
2.  Once you know where the pieces go, make sure you prep your cooler before installing the kit by cleaning it well with Isopropyl Alcohol or Lacquer Thinner!!!
3. For cleaning, we recommend that you use isopropyl alcohol or lacquer thinner on a clean rag and thoroughly wipe down your cooler. (CLEANING THE COOLER PROPERLY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART)
4. To help with the application, use a spray bottle with clean water and a few drops of dish soap.
5. Mist the area of the cooler where you will be applying the kit. (Water will not hurt how the kit will stick, but it will help you get your kit on with ease. I.e. the water with a few drops of soap is your friend.!!!!
6. After removing the backing of the piece you are about to apply, also mist back side of the graphic piece.
7. Apply the piece to your cooler and carefully squeegee out all air and water.  (The more you squeegee air and water out the better!!!!!!!!!)
8. Use a hairdryer to set it in place and keep using the squeegee until you are sure all air and water is out.  (Look at the kit from different angles as it will help you to see any hidden air bubbles.)


We are always looking for feedback from our customers.  Please feel free to share what you think about our kits, the quality and how your TUFF kit transformed your cooler.  We would love some action shots of you and your new cooler.  Take a shot when you are out camping, on the trail or out on your boat.  We will hold contests throughout the year and post the best pictures on our Website, Facebook and Instagram. You can email your ENTRY to If you have any concerns or questions, please send us an email or call at 208-871-2826. Email is best for us, but if you leave a message, we will get back to you as soon as we can. Visit us also at

Thank You! USATuff Staff

We can't wait to see your cooler transformation! Once you've installed your kit, please snap a photo and share it with us. Text your picture to 208-871-2826 or email it to We'd love to showcase your masterpiece on our social media!