Congratulations!  You’ve chosen SeaDek for your next boat project and now it’s time for us to make you feel extra great about your decision to choose USATuff as your SeaDek Certified Fabricator. 

When you choose USATuff as your SeaDek Certified Fabricator, you are getting something more than just the genuine SeaDek product. USATuff is a family owned and operated business and we pride ourselves on the truly customized nature of everything we do. 

Every project we design and fit is made just for YOU!  We do not cut corners and we treat every boat as if it were our own, paying extra attention to the details to make sure it is exceptional.   

Our design is better because we do not simply load in a cookie-cutter pattern.  When it comes to your design, we take into consideration the entire area of your boat from bow to stern so that everything is aligned and looks exceptional.  For example, if you ask for a Teak Line design, we don’t simply load in the traditional 2” or 4” teak, we measure the area and adjust as needed to ensure a balanced layout.  This means we may adjust to a 2.14” or a 3.95” teak to ensure everything fits perfectly.  We also make sure that the design not only lines up from piece to piece, but that it looks visually appealing from bow to stern. 

Our fit is better because we hand trace the curves of your actual boat.  Rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all template for your boat, as do the majority of our competitors, we spend the extra time to make adjustments to ensure the fit is perfect for your watercraft.  What does this mean for you?  It means you will have fewer gaps between pieces and better overall coverage. You will not have to worry about the fit being off because we hand fit it ourselves on site.

We cut at slower speeds than every other fabricator we know.  This results in a more intricate and cleaner cut for your design.  If you haven’t seen it in person, you can likely imagine the difference between the interior of a Bentley or a Bugatti in comparison to that of a Honda Civic!   Think about our cut process similarly to that. It is the attention to detail that matters and when you are investing in SeaDek, we want you to get the best of the best both in the SeaDek product as well as in your custom design and application.

Lastly, customer service, customer service, customer service! Our customers choose use because we care.  We answer our phones when you call and reply to your emails when you reach out.  We are here to walk you through the process from start to finish.  

Simply put, you cannot choose a company that cares more about how your final SeaDek project turns out.  And most importantly, we appreciate YOU and that you have chosen USATuff and for supporting our small family business.