YETI Cooler Wrap Skin and SeaDek Cooler Pad Tops

Vinyl Cooler Wrap Skins & SeaDek Cooler Pad Accessories For YETI Tundra and Roadie Coolers. 
Order premium quality Cooler Wrap Skins and SeaDek Cooler Pad Tops to fit YETI brand coolers.
Our wraps and pads come pre-cut with peel and stick adhesive and are easy to install at home. Orders ship fast. Choose from existing designs or create your own personalized design with our custom cooler servicesClick the images below to view our selection of YETI wraps and pads.

Order our vinyl wrap kits in the coverage option that works best for your needs. Cover just the top or the entire cooler. 
(SeaDek pad tops may also be ordered for application on the top of all YETI coolers)
USATuff Cooler Wrap Cooler Skin Kit Decal For YETI Coolers

YETI Coolers

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Each wrap kit is made to fit one specific cooler model. Check to make sure you are ordering the correct model wrap. YETI has four Roadie models on the market. (Roadie 20, 24, 48 & 60)  If you are ordering for the Roadie model, you may use the image below to verify which Roadie that you have. (i.e. 20qt or 24qt)
USATuff Cooler Wrap Cooler Skin Kit Decal For YETI Coolers
USATuff offers the best YETI cooler accessories for any cooler old or new. Refurbish an older cooler or protect and personalize your new YETI.

Use our live chat or Contact Us page for any questions. Text us at 208-285-3660 or email us at We are always here to help. For a customized wrap or pad, use our Custom Form here.

Need help on where to buy a new YETI cooler?
Visit the brand website here. 

MODELS WE COVER: YETI Roadie 20QT, YETI Roadie 48QT, GoBox 30, GoBox 60, YETI Roadie 24QT, YETI Tundra 35QT, YETI Tundra 45QT, YETI Tundra HAUL, YETI Tundra 50QT, YETI Roadie 60QT, YETI Tundra 65QT, YETI Tundra 75QT, YETI Tundra 105QT, YETI Tundra 110QT, YETI Tundra 125QT, YETI Tundra 160QT with more coming soon!