Best Custom Cooler Wrap Gift Ideas

August 16, 2022

Personalized Coolers: Great For Fundraising Raffles, Recognition Awards, Corporate Gifting & So Much More!

Coolers and ice chests have long been a staple of every American household. People have been relying on them for a long time. They keep food and drinks cold during long trips, family vacations, camping adventures, or an afternoon activity.

90% of households in America have coolers or ice chests they use regularly. Common cooler brands include YETI, RTIC, ORCA, Ozark Trail, and Lifetime Coolers to name a few. In a world that seeks individuality and personalization, people like to make the items they own unique and distinguishable.

This personalization trend has become popular with coolers. For many years, people would collect and apply stickers to decorate their coolers. They would do this to note places the cooler had been or things that they cared about. Adding stickers was also an easy way to help distinguish between coolers.

In 2015, noticing this trend, USATuff launched a line of custom vinyl cooler wraps. They expanded on the idea of a single sticker and created a full vinyl wrap skin that could be installed onto the cooler for full customization. These wraps became very popular and USATuff expanded their design offerings.

There are many reasons why a person might want to customize their cooler and there are many benefits to adding a vinyl wrap to a cooler. For example, putting a custom wrap on a cooler helps to distinguish the cooler from those around it. It’s a great way to ensure that nobody mistakes your cooler for theirs. Much like putting a name tag on a piece of personal property, customizing your cooler with a wrap ensures that everyone knows it’s yours.

Another great reason to wrap your cooler is that it provides a layer of protection to prevent scratches and dings to the cooler. For more expensive coolers like YETI, RTIC, ORCA, and other high-end brands, a cooler wrap is an investment to keep the cooler looking brand new for many years to come. 

It has also been said that adding vinyl to the cooler can help to insulate it even more. Going beyond the functionality of a cooler wrap skin, there are many great occasions and events where personalizing or customizing a cooler can be desirable. For example, giving a customized cooler as a gift has become very popular. Because a cooler is something that can be used year-round, it’s the type of thoughtful gift that keeps on giving. 

Often, a gift giver will design a cooler wrap with a theme that matches the recipient’s personality. For example, adding a sports design to a cooler to celebrate one’s favorite football or sports team. One could also add personalized names, images, and photos. Some of the most popular occasions to give a customized cooler are birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Father’s Day, graduation, and so much more.

Businesses also like to customize coolers. A custom cooler makes for an ideal promotional branding tool. Adding a company logo to a cooler creates a wonderful marketing piece. Companies take their customized coolers to trade shows or events, holding water bottles for their customers and attendees. They love having the cooler wrapped with their company logo, creating a more professional feel for their brand.

Custom coolers are also amazing ideas for corporate gifting. Large corporations will create customized coolers as gifts for their top account executives or as a reward for valued employees. They will purchase premium coolers such as YETI coolers and then cover them with a customized wrap and present them as gifts or awards to their top-performing employees.

Customized coolers are also used for fundraisers and giveaway events. Schools can create customized coolers, adding their school colors and logos, and then raffle them away to raise money. These types of prizes are highly valued and do well.

A plain white cooler sitting around doesn’t have to stay that way. The possibilities are endless, as it can be a blank canvas to create upon.


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